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Feeling that "blah"?!  

I know it too well and it kept me stuck, I wasn't able to move forward to create the life I wanted for myself.

Thanks to my journey, I help women uncover a better way of "being".  I provide the tools and guidance required for each unique journey, that is the difference with me, I am not a one size fits all coach.

Oh, and the bonus part of partnering with me, we can talk a little bit about skincare goals too.  

Glow up girl, I've got your back, in more ways than one!

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Where did my energy go and who in the hell am I?

When I started my biz it was because of where I was at with my two young girls, tired, overwhelmed, and stuck.  What was next for ME?

Now, just a few short years later, those feelings still creep back into my life.  The difference now is that I have more practice with "letting go" and empowering myself in new ways, such as:

- Letting go of perfection

- Negative self talk

- Needing to know HOW to do everyhting

- Which foods actually give me energy and which foods don't

- Knowing that I am ENOUGH

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I am very proud of these two articles. 

The really cool thing about these opportunities is that a client of mine referred me, she wanted me to be able to share my story with people, and that feels amazing.  

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Let's Close the GAP together

Our time together will always begin with a conversation, an "uncovering" if you will, of what you want, what is stopping you from getting you what you want, and a snapshot of what it would feel like and look like to have what you want.  It's actually pretty darn empowering, this initial conversation.

I have several options for working together, whether it is for coaching or simply some skincare guidance.  The thing is, I don't offer one size fits all, tweaks can be made to accomodate what you want to create when it comes to having more energy, more living.  My programs are game changers, just take a look at my testimonials, the "proof is in the puddin'".

The one thing that is typically the most important part about hiring a coach....the accountability.  Accountability is like the missing leg of a chair, we can have all of the information, the fancy gear or technology, but without direction and accountability.....we stay in the same place.

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Dedicated to You

  • Uncover what's been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the energy and life you want

  • Develop a powerful vision for what doubling your energy will mean for you and your life

  • Discover which foods and lifestyle habits are sapping your energy...and what to do about it

  • Get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to double your energy in 90 days or less

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Superior Guidance

What would become possible for you if you were the healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself?  The 28 day Reset is a gentle cleanse that guides you to find the foods that make you feel your best.

  • Shed excess weight

  • Have more energy

  • Feel lighter and cleaner

  • Reduce and eliminate food cravings

  • Deeper sleep and clearer skin

  • Improved digestion

  • Happier mood

4 1:1 weekly coaching sessions included

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Jumpstart to Health

This reset is designed to jumpstart your health journey and uncover some powerful patterns or habits in your

life that you would like to eliminate.

  • Reduce belly bloat

  • Boost your energy

  • Enhance your body's ability to mobilize and excrete toxins

  • Decrease congestion and allergy symptoms

  • Discover food sensitivities

2 1:1 coaching sessions included​

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Lasting Change

In my 90 day Double Your Energy Transformation program we will work together in setting your health goals and find out what is really motivating you to your next best you!  We will work together to create manageable and achievable action steps on a weekly basis to get you to your place of lasting transformation, both in health and life.

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I just completed the 90 Day Total Transformation program with Roxann.  I have learned so much and gained such amazing insight into creating good lifestyle habits with the coaching and tools provided by Roxann.  I was held accountable and gave consistent, manageable action items by her each week in an effort to reach my goals of feeling less stressed, getting more exercise, making better food choices and improving my sleep.  

I have been a night owl for as long as I can remember, so my biggest goal was to go to bed before midnight. I am happy to say that by working with Roxann each week, I have been able to let go and allow myself to go to bed every night at 10:30!  This was huge for me as I now wake up refreshed and have a more positive outlook of the day.  The coaching I received from Roxann was a game changer for me!  I am so grateful and recommend her to anyone looking for a health coach.

Andrea Westlake - 90 Day Program, Salt Lake City

I just finished the 14 day cleanse with Roxann Irion as my health coach. Wow.... She is amazing. She answered ALL of my questions along the way and kept in touch to see how I was doing AND posted on the private FB page encouragement! I am so glad that I did this cleanse. I thought I would miss my wine but in fact I missed coffee more. What this taught me was how dependent my body was on the caffeine and how much coffee I actually drank. Not only did I lose 7 pounds, I also broke my coffee addiction. Another thing that I think was making me bloated was eggs. I had no idea that eggs can cause inflammation. I used to eat eggs every day. Not one day did I get bloated on this. I highly recommend Roxann as well as this cleanse!!

Stephanie Whitley - 14 Day Reset, Missouri

I contacted Roxann Irion of A Well Minded Life Coaching about doing her “14 day Gentle Reset Cleanse”.  Roxann responded immediately by sending everything I would need to get started including a goal intake, a comprehensive guidebook, recipes, an app to guide the cleanse process and started a facebook group for my friend (who was also participating) and me.  

I felt that she had given me all the tools to be successful throughout this process.  I was nervous about eliminating things from my diet such as meat, dairy and most of all coffee.  It pushed me to realize how dependent on certain foods I was to “make me feel better”.  

When the going got tough with eliminating coffee, Roxann was right there with her Facebook Live posts to keep me motivated and my eye on the end goal.  I’ve always relied on meat as protein to keep me from having hypoglycemic attacks throughout the day. When I did feel one coming on because I had eliminated meat and dairy, I called her to ask for advice, and she gave me many options and alternatives to help thwart a future attack.

Roxann is extremely knowledgable in nutrition, digestion and all around well-being.  I could not have done this without her.  I feel proud of having accomplished this reset and learned more about what is beneficial and not so beneficial for my body.  As a result, I am feeling better, making better nutritional and life choices and maintaining a “clean-eating” mentality.  I also lost weight that I have been struggling to reduce.  

My favorite part of the 14 day Gentle Reset Cleanse was Roxann’s morning Facebook Live videos.  She is nurturing while holding you accountable and gives great goals to focus on without being overwhelming.  I highly recommend utilizing Roxann’s services to support you in your health, fitness and life goals.  

Michelle Loeffler - 14 Day Reset, Scottsdale

Roxann is such a great coach. Her 14 day gentle reset was exactly what my body and mind needed. Her program is easy to follow and She encourages you throughout the entire 2 weeks. She is extremely knowledgeable And has great motivational videos for everyday to keep you going. The first couple of days are used to ease you into a new way of thinking about food and the preparation. The next step helps with goal setting and eliminating certain food and drinks out of your diet. I was able to accomplish almost all of my goals with Roxann’s comprehensive plan. I highly encourage anyone to try and become a better person with her help. In conclusion, I have kept off the weight that I lost on the plan. I have changed my thought process and realized I feel better without certain foods in my diet. THANK YOU Roxann !

Jennifer Madrid - 14 Day Reset, Scottsdale

Honestly I never felt so accepted. Roxann is the perfect blend of activating change and showing grace. I have issues with shaming myself and Roxann showed me so much guidance and love. Our time together really changed me and helped connect me with parts of myself I had never accepted. My perspectives and heart really shifted and became aware, thanks to Roxann’s intuitive gift in coaching.

Kristin Merwin - 90 Day Program, Mesa

This was a tremendously insightful and motivating experience for me. Roxann was kind and helpful while encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone. I had many “A-ha” moments through the program—all of which helped clarify my path forward!

Kimberly Pegram - 90 Day Program, Phoenix

I was at a point in my life/marriage that I didn’t know who I was, what it wanted or where I was going. 
Roxann came into my life at the exact moment I needed her. 
I had been searching and wondering how I was going to turn my life around but nothing reached me like I needed. I just had got in antidepressants after a year of saying “I’m fine”, but crying and not being able to get out of bed almost every day. 
The very first day I had with her I wanted to talk about all my struggles I had with others, I didn’t want to talk about me. 
Her first words were “let’s talk about YOU”. 
I didn’t know ME. 
The process to look inward at my self and with her help we made goals. Goals that were simple enough that I could work on them, slowly incorporate a meaning back into my life that I desperately needed. 
The smallest effort was a huge win. And even when I didn’t feel I did my “homework” good enough. Roxann praised me that even the smallest effort is ME investing in myself. 
My WHY! 
Every week became more in-depth of the things that made ME happy. Yes, I still wanted to talk about others and how I can help them but Roxann keep bringing the focus back to ME. 
Always, what can I do for myself to create a better outcome. 
BOUNDARIES have been an amazing tool in my arsenal of self healing. 
It is one of the most amazing shifts I saw in my relationship when I set boundaries. 
I still struggle some days and not do my WHY. But I remind myself that it’s ok, my body knows when it needs to take a break and it knows what it needs to not give up. 
I’m not giving up! I’m 37 years old Been married for 18 years and have 4 amazing kids. 
I’m just NOW beginning my life and understand the true meaning of loving my self first! 
It’s not selfish, no one gets hurt & everyone benefits.

I will forever be grateful for the guidance I receive from my coach and my friend, Roxann. 

Live life without judgment of others, we are all doing the very best we know how until we know better. 

So much love to you Roxann💛

Brenda Holm - 90 Day Program, Mesa

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